Are you still using Windows version 3? I’d say not, and why? Because it’s old. It looks out of date, the functionality is clunky, compared to what we have today, and it just can’t do the things that the latest version of Windows can do.

These are the same reasons that you should be updating all your software on a regular basis.

Get the latest advancements

As the ability of technology advances, so does the functionalities available in programs. In an older version you’re not always using the most efficient way and inadvertently slowing yourself down.

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Avoid known issues

The more a software program is used and when third-party applications are changed bugs and glitches can appear. Working in older versions means you’re losing time with a problem that’s already been fixed.

Keeping it safe

Hackers are known to target outdated software with unpatched security flaws. By keeping your program up to date you’re keeping your data safer.

Cassowary WebOPAC - Netflix styleKeeping your version of LIBERO up to date is easy when you’re using LIBERO Cloud. The Cloud automatically uploads every update with the latest features, all out of hours and with the work done for you. This means no wading through piles of release notes or testing, you can stay working at your best without having to pause for an update. Plus, staff are learning new functionality in small, manageable chunks, rather than being faced with pages and pages of changes to learn.

You can find out the latest version of LIBERO, as well as it’s new features on the LIBERO Help Centre.

So if you’re not on the latest version, why not?

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