You asked, we delivered – LIBERO releases new feature for its users

Circulation enhancement LIBERO feature

LIBERO is known for its amazing customer service and finding and creating great solutions that help all its libraries whatever its catalogue may hold.

Allowing customers to suggest and vote on future functionality and features means we follow what they have to say very closely.

One popular suggestion was a Circulation Enhancement released last week. A new feature that makes it easier to email a receipt of Borrower Loans directly from the LIBERO Loan Screen.

Improving this feature now saves on time and paper – an environmental factor that was very popular with our Australian customers.

Although the feature has been released, the Development and Support Teams are looking for feedback from its users.

“We’re very interested in our users’ feedback on how to further streamline this feature,” said LIBERO’s Operations Specialist, Jeremy Macpherson.

“Although we put a lot of effort into to releasing the best possible features, constant feedback from customers is something we encourage and take into every decision that moves the product forward.”

As usual, this feature is already available for LIBERO Cloud customers as an immediate upgrade. Libraries not on the hosted version can still upgrade to this version.