With LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, browsing the online catalogue will inspire people to discover more

LIBERO Omnio Smart Search


A pioneer in state-of-the-art library technology, LIBERO is now bringing you the next generation of Library Services Platforms. LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, a feature of the new flagship product LIBERO Omnio, leads the library management system industry.

Open Access

LIBERO Omnio is an Open Access content solution for discovering any print and digital collections in one place. With LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, searching the online catalogue is simplified altogether.

Display search results in different formats; choose the standard display list or view search results in groups or bento boxes.

Smart Search

LIBERO Omnio Smart Search is a convincing feature, above all due to its dynamic grouping. Library users enter search terms and receive intelligently grouped search results. Results are segmented in ways never seen before, prioritising the most common attributes and presenting titles in interactive carousels. As the process is fully automated, librarians have no additional workload and can focus their attention on providing services tailored to meet customer needs.

For Any Type of Library

From a public library perspective, displaying search results in groups related to print materials, digital editions, DVDs, or audio recordings could prove beneficial. It helps library users to precisely find what they are looking for more quickly. For academic libraries, grouping search results by respective external e-resource databases or by publishers is an option. And for corporate libraries, grouping search results by press releases, periodicals or print material can be considered. Each library defines the groups and can fully customise them according to their needs.


As we live in an increasingly connected and highly dynamic world, library users expect to access materials whenever and wherever they want. LIBERO Omnio Smart Search bridges the gap between library users and your many internal and external materials. By integrating with external databases and other e-resources, library users never have to leave your online catalogue and can view, listen, watch or download items directly from the online catalogue.

The LIBERO team is excited about introducing the next generation of LIBERO to their clients, thus taking another important step into the future of library services!

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