Google Borrow, What is Google Borrow? How will it help my library? 

You may have noticed in the last year or so that when you do a Google search for a particular book that in the panel on the right of the screen is a section headed “Get book” which lists where it can be purchased in e-format, but more importantly it lists local libraries that have the item in their catalogues. (Providing of course that the library has exported its collections for inclusion in this service)  

With the latest update to Libero, this will now be an option for all our libraries.  It is simple to set up, and once set up your database is regularly scanned by Google for inclusion in the “Get book” section. A link is provided for the title which will open your catalogue at the title’s catalogue page. Your members can then place a reservation on the spot. This new option comes as part of your Libero licencing for no extra charge.  

Here is an example Google search for “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, you can see from this search that it is available from Ipswich Libraries and Logan City Libraries. Google attempts to find your location and provide libraries in your area in the results.  

Google Borrow, What is Google Borrow? How will it help my library? 

 This service brings us closer to true linked data across the internet.  As we know MARC records do not search well due to their structure.  Google Borrow allows access to your catalogue in an internet-friendly way. While the use may be limited initially, you may attract people who had not thought to go to their local library.  In the first year of the service, more than 1 million clicks were made from Google Borrow to library catalogues.  

So here is a set-and-forget opportunity to further expose your collections to your local community at no charge.  A win-win situation we think.  

Libero continuously innovates and improves its Library Management System with an eye on the future, ensuring that libraries remain relevant and meet the needs of an ever-evolving society. Interested in how Knosys’ Libero can support ever-changing libraries? Get in touch with our team of experts to book a consultation. 

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