Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that when you install an upgrade to your software it’s bug-free! And you don’t have to spend hours testing and finding all the new bugs!

Well, Insight Informatics’ unique Unit Testing process means LIBERO users can be confident that their upgrades are worry-free.

What’s Unit Testing and how does it work? 

Basically, Unit Tests are a software testing method included with each piece of new development, that will make sure that the new functionality works as expected into the future.

This means that new developments are rigorously tested by automatic processes which ensure it does not break any of the current features that make LIBERO so amazing to use.   Along with this is a complete Alpha Testing and Quality Assurance process, which is repeated until bugs and faults have been eliminated, now and into the future.  When a piece of Unit testing code is written, that bit of code will never break again.

What does this mean for the library?

Staff can have peace of mind that when the library receives an update via LIBERO Cloud’s immediate upgrades or traditionally, they are receiving something that will work and do what it is made to do: continually improve.

LIBERO is at the stage where risk is significantly minimalised and improving functionality immediately, rather than waiting for periodic major release periods means that your library will get improved functionality sooner.


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