Tranby Adult Education

INISIGHT INFORMATICS is proud to announce that its LIBERO Cloud library solution will host the library collection for Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training (Tranby), and provide a digital repository for its unique archive collection.

In the past, Tranby’s Library and Archive Collections were maintained by separate, outdated systems making it difficult for users to search and find material upon request.

“We needed to improve the access of our collections to staff, researchers, and the public,” said Tranby’s Research Coordinator, Emily Virgona.

“The LIBERO Cloud platform brings together all the disparate parts of the collection and makes them easy to manage from one place.”

“From Acquisitions to Borrowing to a digital collection with a focus on librarian user experience means it will be easy to ensure the collection continues to get the TLC it deserves,” Emily continued. Tranby sought a digital repository that would provide a gateway to the incredible story of Tranby for now and into the future. As a not-for-profit, Tranby also needed something that wouldn’t require constant updating and onsite maintenance.

The LIBERO team are providing a full managed service with immediate upgrades.

About Tranby

Celebrating 60 years of operation, Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education & Training was established by Rev Alf Clint in 1958 as Tranby Aboriginal College and part of the Cooperative for Aborigines.  Tranby sought to teach community independence from government and self-sufficiency for communities. This community development education lead to the establishment of many community cooperatives across the country and lead to the empowerment of those communities. Tranby began to teach other courses such as legal advocacy during a time of Land Rights continued to develop education programs with other social and political activist programs for and by its students and staff. The Tranby Library developed in a time when there was no internet and access to material about, by and for Indigenous Australians was difficult. It is important to remember that Western Collecting institutions are often associated with colonialism, cultural repression, loss of heritage and death. Tranby Library has always been about community access and never collected for the sake of collecting. This makes the Library and the archive collections significant and unique as they don’t carry the burden of open display and dissemination of knowledge as primary functions like a public library. Tranby Library and Archive Collections can control the way knowledge is communicated and who can access sensitive cultural material with consultation with community. We hope that in digitally preserving the collections we can keep the collection alive.


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