Cloud, Nearly three-quarters of LIBERO Customers have made the switch to LIBERO Cloud

Released just over three years ago, LIBERO Cloud is now Insight Informatics’ most popular library product ever.

With nearly three-quarters of Insight’s customer base across the globe now migrated, it’s easy to see why customers have upgraded to LIBERO Cloud – here is what our LIBERO Cloud users are saying:

“With LIBERO Cloud’s Immediate Software updates, the responsibility for maintaining and upgrading servers, software, security, and network infrastructure shifts from RRL to Insight” – Brian Plummer, Riverina Regional Library Service.

“Our branches have continued to be impressed by the speed of the system, and the less stress environment” – Parkes Shire Library Service.

“The system is flexible, easy to use, and is full of options” Broken Hill City Library.

“Whether it be the parameters, functionality, or support, LIBERO offered that little bit more” Waverly Library.

“Bugs and technical issues are now dealt with immediately, or as part of an automatic update by LIBERO’s Development and Support Team” Mid North Coast Library Service.

Insight Informatics began its journey back in the early 80’s, when Director, Sam Patane designed a text-based application to handle library circulation processing for MidNorth Coast Libraries.

The product grew as technology became a huge influence in the business world. As Insight’s circulation system added cataloguing modules and multi branch features, the first big change came when Windows PCs were released in the early 90s.

As the need for patrons to access to the catalogue became essential, Insights Library Management System migrated fully to Windows and was reborn as LIBERO.

LIBERO grew into its 5th version as a stand-alone application, but the first revolutionary turn came when LIBERO version 6 was released as a web-based application accessing LIBERO directly from any web browser without add-ons, plugins or local applications to manage, turned an IT Administrators dream into reality.

As version 6 became LIBERO’s most popular upgrade things progressed quickly to LIBERO Cloud.

LIBERO Cloud is Insights hosted service, offering a vast array of customer service benefits and product functionality that far exceeds a standard on-premise configuration. All updates are immediately installed with no downtime, fixes and enhancements are made and installed without the need for local visits or expensive shutdowns, and a shared network means shared ideas with libraries and our team of product experts.

LIBERO users around the world can take advantage of LIBERO Cloud:

Australian Library: Get in touch

Library outside of Australia: Global Support and Maintenance.

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