LIBERO Online Symposium GCC

The LIBERO team, in cooperation with, and support of its long-time partner Knowledge Horizon, hosted a special edition of the popular LIBERO Online Symposium, established in 2020 as an approach to bring all our customers together despite any current restrictions. Following last year’s global online event, the symposium attracted interested parties from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, providing an opportunity to learn about the product and gain insights into LIBERO’s latest developments. The one-hour online event attracted both current clients and new libraries interested in LIBERO from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

LIBERO Apps receive strong endorsement

Participants were given an insight into LIBERO’s new Open Access content solution LIBERO Omnio and had the opportunity to get to know the LIBERO apps. Interactive polls showed that LIBERO’s innovative mobile technology received a strong endorsement from the participants. For many libraries, their operations and customers, this technology promises valuable benefits. For example, the LIBERO GO app is so far unmatched in the library platform industry and allows library staff to work away from their desks and complete their daily library tasks on the go.

Demand for Cloud technology

Cloud technology is also increasingly in demand in the GCC states, and many libraries during the symposium showed considerable interest in switching to a cloud-based solution soon. Participants had the opportunity to hear more about LIBERO Cloud and its many benefits and comprehensive data security during the online event.

The LIBERO team is pleased with the great response to this event and hopes to offer similar events for those interested in switching to LIBERO more frequently. Events like this are markedly beneficial for potential clients, as it allows them to hear from other LIBERO libraries, connect with existing clients and meet some of the faces behind LIBERO.

LIBERO is also grateful for its longstanding, valuable cooperation with Knowledge Horizon, which has proven to be a reliable partner in customer service and support for LIBERO LMS in the GCC region since 2015.

LIBERO has always prided itself on its close relationship with its libraries and provides the same first-class service to everyone, without any specific subscription or service plans.

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