The Leipzig Bach Archive migrates to Libero Cloud

The Leipzig Bach Archive has gained widespread recognition as the world’s pre-eminent centre of Bach scholarship. Based in Leipzig, Germany, the city where Johann Sebastian Bach lived from 1723 until his death, the archive documents and researches the life and work of the famous German composer and musician. Comprising a research institute, a library, a museum and an events department, the archive in Leipzig is housed in the historic Bose House complex at St Thomas’s Square, opposite the church where Johann Sebastian Bach served as cantor for 27 years. Bach Archive unique collections and numerous activities significantly add to Leipzig’s long-standing reputation as the City of Music in general and the City of Bach in particular.

Forward-thinking, the Bach Archive, like many other Libero libraries, has now made the switch to Libero’s cloud-based solution. Libero Cloud is a fully managed service that offers a vast array of benefits that far exceeds a standard on-premises configuration.

Ms Funk-Kunath, Head of the Library, says that various reasons influenced the switch to Libero Cloud.

“The most important was the prospect of reducing the workload of our IT staff. We are a small research institute and have only limited resources in the IT area but numerous database applications in the different areas. In addition, as a library, we wanted to be up to date with the latest version and benefit from new developments in a timely manner. The existing 200 community reports for our own statistics were an additional incentive,” highlights Ms Funk-Kunath.

, The Leipzig Bach Archive migrates to Libero Cloud

New online catalogue highlights collection

As the most comprehensive Bach collection, the library features a matchless array of manuscripts, rare books and early editions. Next to the State Library in Berlin, it is home to the world’s most extensive collection of original Bach sources.

To give the Bach Archive’s collection a more prominent online presence, its catalogue received a new design too. “We are more than satisfied with the design implementation and the result and are very pleased with the positive feedback from our users and in-house colleagues,” comments Ms Funk-Kunath.

The Bach Archive is very satisfied with the switch to Libero Cloud. “The migration was well prepared and communicated by Libero. The schedule was adhered to, and there was always support for various queries. We can say that we (my colleagues from IT and I) are really thrilled about this good cooperation,” highlights Ms Funk-Kunath.

, The Leipzig Bach Archive migrates to Libero Cloud

Libero is proud to be supporting the Bach Archive in making its collections available to the community and the world. Galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM) play a vital role in protecting cultural heritage, preserving and curating valuable artefacts for public access and education. With Libero, libraries or archives can make their collections easily accessible and a standout.

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