LIBERO Omnio Smart Search

LIBERO libraries, take note! We are excited to announce that the first stage of LIBERO Omnio Smart Search is now available and ready to be offered as an additional discovery option to library users.

Give your library users a new way to search your online catalogue and integrate LIBERO Omnio Smart Search into your existing menu.

LIBERO Omnio Smart Search displays search results in a more descriptive and organised way. Forget about the standard display list and offer your library users a much more visually engaging way to view search results. Psst! The traditional display list still exists and has undergone a makeover to reflect the new look.

The most convincing new feature is the presentation of search results in groups. The concept is based on the design resembling streaming services, except adapted to your online catalogue. Library users can search for any title and receive intelligently grouped search results. In addition, results are segmented in unprecedented ways, prioritising the most common attributes, and presenting titles in interactive carousels.

Each library can define the groups and can fully customise them according to its needs. Displaying search results in groups covering print media, digital media, DVDs, and audio recordings can benefit public libraries. Academic libraries could group search results by relevant external e-resource databases or by publishers. For corporate libraries, grouping search results by press releases, periodicals or print materials is an option.

If you have any questions about integrating LIBERO Omnio Smart Search into your menu, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.

Watch LIBERO TV on the 9th of September to learn how to update your WebOPAC menu.

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