Filderstadt Public Library

The Filderstadt Public Library is a long-standing customer of LIBERO since 2005. For many years, the library has received its support through our former German distributor; however, since the structural changes in favour of our European customers at the beginning of this year, the library is now looked after by the Australian LIBERO support team, who have successfully implemented the latest server upgrade and switch to the latest version of LIBERO.

When libraries like Filderstadt Public Library invest in LIBERO’s library management solution, they can rest assured that they have found a reliable partner for their everyday library needs. Regardless of the libraries’ requirements, they can rely on LIBERO to provide them with a first-class service.

When Filderstadt Public Library decided to upgrade its server and LIBERO version, it was a matter of course for the team at LIBERO to provide them with professional support.

“At LIBERO, we work as one with your library team. It is our aim to offer you a comprehensive service and support package designed to adapt to your specific needs,” says Sam Patane, Managing Director of LIBERO.

LIBERO has systems and processes in place that enable the business to provide customers with the best service and allow them to evolve in line with their needs.

Despite a distance of approximately 15,900 km and a time difference of eight to nine hours, with today’s technology LIBERO can provide all its services remotely. Hence, it was not a problem for LIBERO’s IT team to perform the server and version upgrade from Australia. Having a multilingual team in place certainly is a helpful asset as well.

“As Filderstadt Public Library is now using the latest version of LIBERO, we are very interested to hear their valuable feedback regarding the future development of the solution,” says Sam Patane, Managing Director of LIBERO.

LIBERO’s excellent customer service and development team are what sets them apart when people are looking into Library Management Systems for their library. And their flexibility and readiness are what the customers appreciate.

The Filderstadt Public Library offers the community both analogue and digital media in the fields of education, information, entertainment and recreation for private, academic and professional purposes.

An interesting fact worth mentioning at the end is that Filderstadt is the former residence of fantasy and children’s fiction author, Michael Ende, who became well known for his fantasy trilogy “The Neverending Story”. His publications can still be borrowed from the Filderstadt Public Library to this day.

(Image Source: P. Rösner)

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