The central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany trusts LIBERO as their library management system partner and has been doing so since 1999.

In order to service more than 10,000 employees with easy access to information and research, LIBERO is committed to providing innovative solutions and ongoing support for the Deutsche Bundesbank’s specific information resources.

Managing Director Sam Patane and his team are delighted to continue the successful cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank. Like other LIBERO users in Germany, the Bundesbank has extended its trust into LIBERO through the recently established LIBERO IS GmbH, which will improve LIBERO’s ability to provide excellent service to their customers in Germany.

“Our users in Germany are enjoying streamlined and timely support. Our dedicated German-speaking personnel is available for our customers in Germany from 9 am to 5 pm CEST, in addition, the LIBERO Exchange Portal offers around the clock help,” said Selena Johns, Customer Service Manager of LIBERO.

The LIBERO Exchange Portal provides customers with access to documentation, tips and tricks from the LIBERO support team and allows them to view immediate update and production release notes. And thanks to the latest enhancement of the LIBERO Exchange Portal, the majority of information is now available in German along with additional functionalities that enable institutions such as the Bundesbank to make suggestions for enhancements, research articles or receive release notes as they become available. Beyond that, a dedicated German Community Forum offers German-speaking users the opportunity to exchange tips and ask other LIBERO users for advice.

“We are excited to continue the collaboration with Bundesbank and bring them closer to the ongoing development of LIBERO through direct channels to our development team,” said Sam Patane, Managing Director of LIBERO.

The Bundesbank library is one out of approximately 2,700 Special Libraries in Germany.

The collection includes over 240,000 items and comprises books, specialist periodicals, electronic publications, magazine articles and papers from anthologies.

A perhaps interesting fact is that the Bundesbank has its own in-house mail service which enables employees to receive their ordered material directly to their desks.

The Bundesbank utilises LIBERO’s innovative solution to provide their employees with easy access to important collections. Regardless of whether the library needs to create advanced reports or make relevant resources available in a timely manner, LIBERO offers the best possible support for their daily work.

The LIBERO team looks forward to continuing assisting the Bundesbank in developing innovative services for their employees.

(Image Source: Nils Thies/Deutsche Bundesbank)

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