Tenterfield Star Newspaper database now available via UNO Discovery on the Library website to all
Tenterfield, NSW,

January 25, 2017

Terrific news for all the Family History buffs and Tenterfield Local History researchers, the Tenterfield Star records database is now ‘live’ on the Tenterfield Public Library website providing library patrons ease of access to Tenterfield Star Newspaper’s boundless records.

Library visitors now have direct online access as this feature is completely accessible at home, on your mobile, tablet at the Library or anywhere there is an internet connection!

“We have been researching a way to access our Tenterfield Star newspaper database for a few years as the former program used for access became incompatible with current technology. UNO covered the security and ease of access issues that we considered were important and is an excellent fit with our current Library Management System, LIBERO.

Library members and researchers everywhere are able to access the database anywhere there is an Internet connection – the ultimate ease of access solution” said Tenterfield Shire Councils Senior Librarian Jenny Stoker

This great new function on the website operates just like “google”. Simply enter any keyword into the search box and hit enter and explore a plethora of historical information conveniently sorted for you by relevance.

To view the Tenterfield Stars database follow this link: Tenterfield Library Website

If you have any questions, please phone: 6736 6060 or email:

To learn more about UNO Discovery follow this link:

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