LIBERO Consortia

Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

Resource Sharing – Without Compromise

We have extensive experience delivering libraries with the capacity to share resources, patrons, purchasing and services as much – or as little as they like – without any sacrifice to their autonomy.

LIBERO sharing with consortia - one card

One Card

LIBERO’s unique Service Point feature allows different libraries to group multiple branches or catalogues into a single point of search and access for members. This enables a library to simplify access to sharing items between different libraries and branches via the WebOPAC.


LIBERO’s Union System allows libraries to selectively share Members and resources between libraries or branches.

A Union database provides access to shared records, materials status and member records between any number of libraries. Each local catalogue meanwhile, remains completely independent, providing consortia members all the efficiencies of a consortium with no sacrifice to control over their own circulation policies, tags, the WebOPAC and local system customisations.

LIBERO Co-operative

LIBERO offers Powerful budgeting and cost-centre control, a customisable WebOPAC, superior multi-branch functionality, Z39.50 portal, webServices API, parameterisation system-wide, integrated Regional Databases, integrated Discovery Platform and advanced Interlibrary Loan services.

LIBERO currently supports a range of different regional library service, regional organisation of councils (ROCs), and co-operatives between other libraries and organisations.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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