Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.


All your resources, anywhere, anytime with LIBERO’s cloud based library management system.

LIBERO Cloud securely stores your books, eResources, files, archives, artwork, music, films, and more – and makes them available across all your sites. The Cloud automatically uploads every update with the latest features such as Relevance Search and eCommunity – and brings a much more efficient customer support system.

Libero Cloud hosting solution

You save money

As your resources grow, you may have to invest in large servers and other hardware. Cloud storage eliminates cost and allows you to pay as you go in a subscription-based model that’s easy to forecast.

Security Best Practice

All TLS and SSL certificates are generated and managed to internet industry standards for you.

Automatic Data Backup

Data stored in two locations, both major cities, with 12-month retention so your records are safe.

Live Test Area

On demand, self-service test data refreshers to snapshot your live data into a test area sandpit at any time, so you can train or test without impacting your live system.

No Software Management

Hosted software is maintained automatically with immediate updates, 24/7 monitoring and automatic error reporting, freeing up your staff to focus on your library.

Effortless Reporting

Easily see library trends with over 200 community user reports that you can deploy direct from the LIBERO Exchange portal or automatically export to Collection HQ.

Make Updates Easily

Direct WebOPAC text editing from within the system.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

A flexible graphical dashboard of up to date information and quick answers to your critical business questions.

Relevance Search

LIBERO will predict the best match to your search, like Google.

Full Text Search

Free text indexing means that once documents are added to a catalogue record, they are immediately full-text searchable.

Worry-free Email Deliverability

The system is hosted by Government approved agencies, with an excellent reputation, giving your outbound emails the best possible chance of reaching their intended inbox.

One Convenient Package

LIBERO Cloud provides all these services, and more, without Library staff having to implement, manage or purchase any additional software. For on-premise systems setup and maintenance of the infrastructure must be managed by the Library.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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