Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.


All your resources, anywhere, anytime.

LIBERO Cloud securely stores your books, eResources, files, archives, artwork, music, films, and more – and makes them available across all your sites. The Cloud automatically uploads every update with the latest features such as Relevance Search and eCommunity – and brings a much more efficient customer support system.

Libero Cloud hosting solution

Immediate upgrades

With LIBERO in the Cloud, your updates are automatic. When we release an update for your system, you can take advantage of it straight away.

You save money

As your resources grow, you may have to invest in large servers and other hardware. Cloud storage eliminates cost and allows you to pay as you go in a subscription-based model that’s easy to forecast.


LIBERO takes data security very seriously and our system is designed with privacy in mind. Theft or damage to your resources could result in your assets disappearing. Because your data would be stored in the cloud, you can access it via the internet.

When your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it via the internet – and it is totally secure


LIBERO Cloud libraries have quick access to hundreds of report templates such as: circulation statistics, stock lists, database management, and so much more. LIBERO will allow you to customise the report to collect information you want to see.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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