Business Intelligence

Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

Business Intelligence

When your data meets insightful, meaningful information.

LIBERO’s Business Intelligence Dashboard creates a visual, easy reading, live area of your crucial KPIs. Look at trends like “busiest time of the day”, “most popular resource by member type”, or “Branch by Branch overviews”, to help make those key decisions.


Most popular collections by Member type

See what is borrowed in your library and who by, with a simple, easy to view bar chart.

Your busiest hours of the day

No more “surprise” busy periods. Look at yearly trends on the clean heat map style dashboard to see when the busy periods are likely to come and schedule staff accordingly.

Need a Branch Overview?

What branch loans the most adult junior fiction or DVDs? What branch loans the most LOTE items?

Loans v Returns

In one easy chart, see how the loans v returns desk is doing over a period of time – one week, one month, or a custom range.

It’s easy as pie…

…to see what your most popular collections are. We’ve even included a breakdown by branch.


LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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