Solutions Suite

Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

LIBERO Solutions Suite

Developed in collaboration with industry experts.

The LIBERO product range has been designed to optimise flexibility for the library, minimise click-through for users, and to provide libraries the opportunity to build a single, fully-integrated library management solution to meet their needs.


LIBERO’s suite of fully-integrated modules delivers resources required to maximise your staff library – straight from a Web Browser.


Whether they be the information expert or the first-time user, your library staff and members will find the information they need quickly and easily with LIBERO’s WebOPAC.

UNO Discovery

UNO Discovery is a stand-alone discovery tool that provides a single ‘Google-like’ search for all your content, in all catalogues no matter the format or even the location.


We have extensive experience delivering libraries with the capacity to share resources, patrons, purchasing and services as much – or as little as they like – without any sacrifice to their autonomy.

Libero Cloud hosting solution


LIBERO in the Cloud securely stores your books, eResources, files, archives, artwork, music, films, and more – and makes them available across all your sites.


LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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