UNO Discovery

UNO Discovery

It's Google for your library.

UNO Discovery works with any LSP, any database, and any library

Library Discovery Tool

UNO Discovery is a stand-alone discovery layer that provides a single Google-like search for all your content – no matter the format or location.

UNO Discovery

Any Library, Any Database, One Search

UNO Discovery connects library clients to not only your catalogue but to other libraries, catalogue databases, and collections. UNO Discovery works with any library management system, any database and any library.

It Gets Smarter the More You Use It

UNO Discovery uses technology that learns what your users want and delivers it quickly. So, the more it gets used, the more relevant the search, at a quicker speed, leaving you with a happy customer.

Search Beyond the Title

Not only can UNO Discovery search for titles, authors, or genres, it also performs a full-text search within a document.

It Is All Relevant

UNO Discovery uses LIBERO's powerful relevance search to help you find what you are looking for, even if you have not spelt it right. Looking for “rumatism”, we know you are searching for rheumatism.

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