Libero Cloud

Libero Cloud

Cloud based Library Management System providing access to all your resources, anywhere, anytime.

Keep your system in line with technological advances

Libero's Cloud Based Library Management Solution

Our fully managed service that offers a vast array of benefits that far exceeds a standard on-premises configuration.

Customised library solution

Access to New Technology as It Becomes Available

Libero Cloud enables you to use new features as soon as they become available. Access unlimited possibilities to ensure continual technological advancement of your library.

Immediate Upgrades

Sifting through piles of release notes belongs to the past. Libero Cloud customers agree that immediate upgrades improve library processes significantly, thereby reducing the workload of library staff.

LIBERO - lower long-term expenses

No Hidden Server and Maintenance Costs

Libero Cloud allows you to focus on your users. We maintain your Libero system and mitigate potential risks and physical disruption that can affect your service.

No Software Management

Your library's IT staff will no longer need to implement, manage or purchase additional technology.

LIBERO Exchange Portal

No Storage or Speed Issues

Libero Cloud is not multi-tenanted. Customers have their own environment, and this environment is always fast. Multi-tenanted environments share certain elements such as CPU and memory, meaning that the system's speed depends on other libraries actions.

Your Data Is Safe With Us!

Libero Cloud has the strictest physical data security standards and fulfills the strictest privacy regulations. Libero Cloud complies with the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR in the EU.

LIBERO Cloud Data Security

Find out more about what Libero Cloud can do for your library today.

Developed in collaboration with industry experts

Cloud Based Library Management in One Convenient Package

Libero Cloud offers all these features and more, with no need to implement, manage or purchase additional software.

Libero Cloud allows you to focus on the things you do best, serving the unique needs of your community and users.

LIBERO Library Management System (LMS)

Libero Cloud Includes...


Libero Omnio

Experience OA technology and discover any print and digital collections in our new content catalogue Libero Omnio.

LIBERO Library Software Apps

Libero Apps

Libero has you covered with two apps: Libero GO for library staff and Libero Omnio Mobile for your library customers.

What Our Clients Say

As an Australian owned business with an international presence in Europe, Mauritius, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), we have empowered major projects, facilitated new information management services, helped overcome new challenges and responded to changing customer service expectations.

“Libero Cloud has greatly eased the suffering experienced when maintaining a local LMS server. RRL services 19 branches across 10 Local Government Areas, each maintained by the respective Council IT department. Libero Cloud has enabled a simple solution to the management of these systems and reduced the headaches such as exposing a server externally, in turn reducing strain on internal IT resources. The support team is fantastic; excellent level of service and responsiveness should any problems crop up or further network allowances be required.”
Riverina Regional Library
“The Bega Valley Shire Library is very satisfied with Libero Cloud. The system is trouble-free, easy to use and allows individual customisation. The upgrades are performed automatically and frequently, a great time saver for our library and we get instant access to all the new developments. I would recommend Libero to any library that is considering to replace their system and is looking for a more user-friendly, innovative and reliable solution where users have the opportunity to contribute to the product direction and software development.”
Bega Valley Shire Library

Libero delivering cloud based library management solutions.