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Libero is your all-in-one library services platform that comes with feature-rich software solutions.

Complete solution and service package

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When you choose Libero, you no longer have the difficulty of choosing between different products and services. With Libero, you get a complete solution package.

Libero includes a fully secure hosted environment powered by Libero Cloud, incorporates an innovative content catalogue called Libero Omnio and comes with powerful apps for library staff and library users.


Libero Cloud

A fully managed service that offers a vast array of benefits that far exceeds a standard on-premises configuration.


Libero Omnio

Experience OA technology and discover any print and digital collections in our new content catalogue Libero Omnio.

LIBERO Library Software Apps

Libero Apps

Libero has you covered with two apps: Libero GO for library staff and Libero Omnio Mobile for your library customers.

Other Solutions and Services

UNO Discovery

UNO Discovery is a stand-alone discovery layer that provides a single "Google-like" search for all your content, no matter the format or the location. UNO Discovery will be replaced by Libero Omnio.

Libero Consortia

We have extensive experience delivering libraries with the capacity to share resources, patrons, purchasing and services as much – or as little as they like – without any sacrifice to their autonomy.

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Developed in collaboration with industry experts

All-in-One Library Services Platform

Libero provides the most flexible solution for libraries. We empower libraries by providing a single, fully integrated library management solution that meets their needs.

LIBERO Library Management System (LMS)

LMS Features Tailored to Your Library Sector

What Our Clients Say

As an Australian owned business with an international presence in Europe, Mauritius, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), we have empowered major projects, facilitated new information management services, helped overcome new challenges and responded to changing customer service expectations.

“I would recommend Libero to any library that is considering to replace their system and is looking for a more user-friendly, innovative and reliable solution where users have the opportunity to contribute to the product direction and software development.”
Cairns Regional Council
Cairns Regional Council Libraries
“Chemnitz University Library has been using Libero for almost 20 years and is very satisfied with the system and the service. Libero is flexible, user-friendly and adaptable. In addition, a detailed eye to eye technical discussion with the tech savvy Libero team is possible.”
Universitaetsbibliothek Chemnitz
Chemnitz University Library
LIBERO Library Management System is a WALGA Preferred Supplier
LIBERO Library Management System is a Procurement Australia Authorised Supplier
LIBERO Library Management System is listed with Localbuy

Libero delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.