Customisable Library Solutions

Having worked with thousands of customers worldwide, we’ve come to understand that every library is unique.

Tailored Library Management System Solutions

Customised to Meet the Needs of Your Library Sector

Together with library industry experts, we have successfully developed customisable technology solutions that help overcome the daily challenges and realise long-term performance goals – no matter the size, structure, or specialisation of your library service.

Public libraries are community hubs and a place to learn and socialise. With this in mind, Libero offers one of the most popular LSP solutions in this sector.

  • Universities
  • Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Colleges
  • Private Training Establishments
  • Government libraries
  • Law libraries
  • Corporate libraries
  • NGO libraries
  • Health libraries

Any size of library!

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Archival Collections
  • Cultural Heritage

Protect, preserve and curate artefacts with Libero!

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Customised library solution

Let Us Know Your Library Requirements and We Will Provide You With the Depth of Functionality You Need

Libero can be customised to meet and exceed budget and technical requirements of almost any client.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated product experts are on hand to identify the best option for you. We are with you throughout the entire process. From the initial enquiry to the implementation of the solution and ongoing, world-class support, we are always at your side.

Our support team consistently achieves a 100% customer satisfaction rating and is praised by many of our library customers.

What Our Clients Say

“We have been with Libero from the very start and have always been impressed with the quality of their customer service. We are now cloud-based, and downtime has been minimal, and Libero staff are always working on updates to make the systems run smoothly and efficiently.”
Port Macquarie Library
“Chemnitz University Library has been using Libero for almost 20 years and is very satisfied with the system and the service. Libero is flexible, user-friendly and adaptable. In addition, a detailed eye to eye technical discussion with the tech savvy Libero team is possible.”
Universitaetsbibliothek Chemnitz
Chemnitz University Library
Supporting over 2,500 licensed users globally

Preferred Supplier

LIBERO Library Management System is a WALGA Preferred Supplier
LIBERO Library Management System is a Procurement Australia Authorised Supplier
LIBERO Library Management System is listed with Localbuy

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