LIBERO Cloud, Riverina Regional Library still Enjoying LIBERO Cloud

In the Cloud for over a year and still going strong, the Riverina Regional Library (RRL) haven’t looked back from their decision to move to LIBERO Cloud.

RRL made the transition to LIBERO Cloud hosting in July 2018 and from the beginning the process was seamless.

“The migration of data from RRL’s on-site servers to LIBERO’s Cloud-based hosting service took place after the close of business and completed by 6:00 am the following morning. There was no downtime to normal Library operations at any of RRL’s 20 service points,” says Brian Plummer, Support & eServices Coordinator.

“LIBERO support staff were meticulous in the planning, project management and implementation of the transition.”

Increased Functionality for Users

One of the reasons RRL moved online was to create a more efficient library service that kept with its strategic objective of Innovation and Continuous Improvement. It was becoming increasingly difficult to provide their end-users with the latest level of functionality.

Functionalities like Relevance Search, which is seen as the most significant development in Library catalogue searching in years, according to Brian.

Improvements for Staff

There have also been benefits for the Library, with easier upgrades and no downtime.

“Immediate software upgrades now take place overnight in smaller incremental releases. Staff learn new functionality in easily manageable amounts rather than facing pages and pages of changes.

“Library IT staff no longer have to schedule and perform ‘out of hours’ software upgrades and the Library Management System is no longer impacted by local network or infrastructure issues. To this point in time there has been zero downtime,” explains Brian.

They are also expecting savings into the future with IT infrastructure being able to be reduced by two onsite servers.

LIBERO Cloud provides a range of functions without Library staff having to implement, manage or purchase any additional software. If you’d like to find out more you can contact us, but we’ll leave the last word to Brian.

“With LIBERO Cloud, the most exciting thing is that anything is possible, innovation is not controlled by local constraints.”

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