You’ve got a library of great resources, right? Make sure your members know about them with this great idea, shared by Sonja Toussaint from Albury, on the LIBERO Exchange.

In the Courtesy reminders section of “text at end of email message” box of Email Notification Page: P422 create a heading, for example “***WHAT’S NEW AT ALBURY CITY LIBRARIES***.

Then add some links to online resources or upcoming events (thanks, Russell Jenkins from Cairns for that idea).

That way, every time a member gets a courtesy reminder email, they also hear about another resource.

resources, Promote your resources

You can track how successful these links are by using Bitly to track the individual link analytics.

Thanks to Sonja Toussaint from Albury for suggesting this on the LIBERO Exchange under Community. LIBERO Exchange is a great place to get tips and tricks, find product updates, and chat to other users. Check it out here.


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