Libero GO

Libero GO

App for the management of your library services that puts the functionality of Libero in the palm of your hand!


Free Staff From Their Desks

Libraries have become welcoming community spaces providing services far beyond the lending of a book. In today’s world, library staff are required to be more mobile for a whole host of reasons, including but not limited to better servicing their patrons.

Search Members on the GO

Retrieve member records while you are away from your desk. To do this, simply scan the barcode on the membership card, and with just one click, all relevant details are at your fingertips.

Scan for Reservations

Eliminate the need to print out lists of items to retrieve. Easily display necessary information (such as title, barcode, call number and collection) to retrieve the on-shelf items that can fulfil a reserve. Once the staff member has the item, a simple swipe on the entry will check it off the list.

Easily Change Member Codes on the Run

Easily change member codes by using the camera of your device to scan the barcode.

Discover the Library Catalogue Anytime, Anywhere

Search your library catalogue at any time without the need to be at your desk. Scan items as you move through the shelves.

App for Library Management

App for the Management of your Library Services

No need to fumble around with typing and scrolling:

  • Swipe for Workflow Toolbar actions.

  • Swipe to remove items and navigate lists.

  • Scan barcodes directly with the device camera.

  • User-friendly confirmation messages upon task completions.

Libero delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.