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Federated Searching with LIBERO

A prototype of Libero’s WebOPAC has been developed which allows members to search local catalogues as well as remote catalogues with a single query All functionality developed and serviced by Libero development with no reliance on third party products or support Functionality enabled by simple configuration within Libero Parameters. Familiar Libero search interface maximises customer… View Article

WebOPAC Embeds Amazon Enriched Content

The Libero WebOpac now has the potential to provide enrichment to your catalogue display in the form of cover art and reviews from Customers just need to check that their environment is correctly configured and the information becomes freely available. The enriched content uses port 80 which is a standard port for web browsing… View Article

Libero Version 5

Libero Version 5 is currently undergoing beta testing for release to customers. Libero clients can expect to receive a wealth of new functionality building on previous version releases. Highlights include: Pictorial Searching– Libero offers a broad range of picture searching options making access to your catalogue that much easier! Building on from a Kid’s Catalogue,… View Article

InterLibrary Loans Workshop

The Inter Library Loans Development Workshop was held on 19 March with representatives from the User Group and the Insight team working together. The Workshop addressed a series of recommendation on the workings of Inter-Library Loans to be incorporated in Libero. A Development Specification will be produced. On completion a copy will be forwarded to… View Article

LIBERO Union System in Germany

The Union In 1999 LIB-IT supplied the integrated library management system LIBERO for the Library Union in the region of Aachen ( Germany ). This library union is a voluntary association of public libraries (10), museum libraries (2) and one archive library. The Union is a collective catalogue that all participating libraries can contribute to… View Article