LIBERO Custom Pages

This new functionality will make exploring your online catalogue an even better experience for your members. From now on, you can customise an unlimited number of web pages for your online catalogue with great ease using our simple content management system, Custom Pages.

Promote Specific Content

With this new functionality, you can create several new web pages in your LIBERO Online Catalogue. It can be any content that might be of interest to visitors, researchers, and members.

For example, if you are a public library, you might want to create a separate web page to showcase your local history collection or historical information about your area. Our public libraries, museums and galleries will be particularly pleased about this. Do not look elsewhere for digital preservation management solutions to expose your local history collection. LIBERO can do it all and more! And with the ability to create customised web pages now, you can showcase your local history even better.

And then there are our academic and K-12 libraries – use the new Custom Pages content management system to embed research tips and promote events and workshops in your library. Alternatively, highlight external scholarly databases and other resources not traditionally accessible in LIBERO.

And if you are a corporate library, you might want to have a separate web page for your most recent business journals relevant to your employees. Or perhaps you want to draw attention to in-house memos or press releases.

Create Web Pages Directly in LIBERO

As you can see, you have many possibilities to enhance your online catalogue with LIBERO’s new Custom Pages simple content management system. Embed exciting new content to stand out and build your online catalogue any way you want. You do not need another content management system and can create web pages directly in your LIBERO Cloud hosted system. Give your online catalogue a new look and thus offer your Library Users a better experience. Not only will Library Users find the things they want in your online catalogue faster, but it is also your chance to promote specific content.

To learn how to create new web pages in LIBERO, visit our LIBERO Exchange Help Centre or click here for instructions.


To discuss LIBERO for your library, please get in touch with our dedicated Product Team.

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