replacement costs, New options for charging replacement costs

Thanks to feedback received from our dedicated customers, we have added solutions to streamline your library operations and activities. One of the most requested features has been new options for charging replacement costs and this is provided in the latest upgrade.

Prompt to charge for lost items

Don’t miss out on replacement costs for lost items again! You now have the capability to turn on a reminder to staff to charge the replacement cost when items are identified as lost.

If it’s turned on, after you have processed the item as lost, you will receive a prompt asking whether to charge the member the replacement cost. You then have the option to apply or cancel the charge on a case by case basis. If this option is turned off the replacement cost will automatically be charged to the member.

However, if the replacement cost has already been charged via other means, for example as a long overdue replacement cost, you will not be prompted to charge the member again. This saves you from accidentally charging the member twice.

Automatically charge replacement costs for long overdue items

Minimize the staff intervention required with long overdue items. You can now automatically charge the replacement cost for an item on the day it becomes long overdue.

This means that as soon as the item hits the long overdue number of days there will be an automatic charge registered in the members record without any manual intervention.

Cancelling replacement cost charges at return

But what if, after all that time, the items are returned? Easy, cancel the charges with a click of a button.

Simply by selecting the new option, you can be prompted to remove the long overdue charges from the member record when the item is returned. You can click ok to revoke the costs or cancel to leave the replacement cost for further investigation.

Thanks to our customers who continue to share their wisdom for the continual improvement of LIBERO to build a better product.

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