Customer-centric library solutions

Over the last decade, library services have changed dramatically. Wireless services, e-books and mobile access are now essential library services, and the wish for relevant library collections with unlimited information access and an always-available service is significant. Barrier-free access is also of high importance for most library members.

Customer-centric library management solutions

Implementing a library management system with customer-centric features and state-of-the-art technology can increase the perceived value of a library service before, during and after service delivery.

Library management systems play a significant role in supporting libraries to deliver customer-centric library services. Knosys’ Libero collaborates closely with its users from public, academic and special libraries, keeping them at the forefront of technology. As digitisation continues, it is evident that library members will adopt new ways of using libraries and become increasingly demand-driven. To meet the demands of an ever-evolving library market, Libero is committed to maintaining a continual upgrade strategy.

Latest features

We have released several enhancements to Libero’s Member Services over the last three months. The latest enhancements are now available to all libraries on the latest version of Libero.

Here is a summary of the latest features:

1. Default password options and security enhancements for library members

In this multifaceted enhancement, libraries have the option to simplify the members initial access to online services by setting the surname or telephone numbers as the initial default password. This goes hand in hand with two other highly requested enhancements. The first is a new setting to require members to change their passwords after their first log-in to the WebOPAC. And the second allows libraries to set a minimum password length or define the complexity of a password using a regular expression. The library and your members can feel self-assured and confident their data is secure and protected.

2. Courtesy Reminder Emails – All information in one place

Courtesy reminder emails now include renewal details indicating whether or not an item is renewable, how often an item is renewable and whether auto-renewal is scheduled. Members now have all information regarding their loaned items at a glance and can easily manage them. They no longer have to log into the WebOPAC/Member Services to see these details.

3. Use of Preferred Name

Addressing a person by their preferred name shows respect and contributes to diversity and inclusion. Therefore, libraries can now activate the “preferred name” field on the member record and online registration form to store the member’s preferred name. Libraries can search and refer to this new field throughout the application; however, all correspondence and slips will still use the member’s Given Name and Surname.

Interested in discovering more about Knosys’ Libero and its features for library members? Get in touch with our team of experts to book a consultation.

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