LIBERO Purchase Suggestions

Eliminate unnecessary Excel spreadsheets or other templates and benefit from a streamlined workflow for managing your purchase suggestions.

It is now possible to manage your purchase suggestions within the LIBERO Dashboard while keeping the requester up to date on the request status. 

Enabling users to send purchase suggestions to the library is especially helpful when, for example, a library does not have an item or not enough copies in the correct format or edition or when the existing item is damaged. When doing so, the requester must provide as many details as possible about the title they want.

From now on, all item suggestions made by library users in the LIBERO WebOPAC appear in the new LIBERO Dashboard Purchase Requests page. Both the requester and the library will receive an email notifying them of the purchase suggestion/s. The purchase suggestion goes on record in the LIBERO Dashboard, where the library can then manage and update the status of a request. When the library is ready, they can directly notify the member of the current status of the purchase suggestion via email.

Thanks to this new enhancement, libraries can now save time and have all their purchase suggestions conveniently accessible in one place.

If you have any questions about this enhancement, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.

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