“My Precious…” Data Through Reports

Statistics don’t delight most people, but when it comes to managing your Library and your collection, they are important. We use data to decide what to include or discard from your collection, and whether eBooks are out-borrowing regular books, among many other things. That should make your statistics a treasured commodity. One of the quickest ways to get to your precious data is through reports. That’s why LIBERO has over 200 community user reports that you can deploy directly from the LIBERO Exchange portal.

Top 10 Reports

There is a range of “Top 10” reports that can quickly show you a variety of information. For example, see the titles loaned for each member category or the top members that have borrowed items.

Example of data through LIBERO report

Top Members Borrowed by Category, Collection, GMD and Branch

SDI Reports

Quickly see what New Title Notifications you have sent, or the number of members who have subscribed to new title alerts with these reports.

Example of data through LIBERO report

SDI (New Title Notification) Templates

Plus, Many More

Access data to decide a range of issues, for example when and where staff are needed. This can be done with reports that detail where and how fines are being paid. Or reports that that detail the number who have borrowed from a branch or at a certain time.

Example of data through LIBERO report

Members Borrowed by Hour, Day, Branch and Date

As well as these, there are over 186 more automatic reports to access your data. Now there’s no excuse for your precious data to lie dormant.

See all the automatic reports available on the LIBERO Exchange.

For more information on reporting in LIBERO Cloud get in touch.