Multiple deciding factors when choosing LIBERO


Late last year, Isaac Regional Library had a smooth transition from an Library Management system (LMS) that was no longer fit for purpose, to Insight Informatics’ flagship product, LIBERO Cloud.

The search for Isaac began as their current LMS provider was no longer providing adequate support, lack of features, and no longer suited to their eight-branch organisation.

When asked what made them choose LIBERO in such a competitive market, Library Circulation and Standards Leader, Nicole Mulligan said it was a multiple of factors.

“The ability to add another database in the future to catalogue our local history items and objects held in our museums was a huge plus,” said Nicole.

“Also, that LIBERO is Australia owned and operated and support is local and recognised properly.”

Support is a huge aspect of LIBERO’s service already shown its worth.

“All of the staff at LIBERO have been amazingly supportive and the prompt responses to quite possibly some not so difficult questions have been appreciated by all of us here at Isaac,” Nicole continued.

Automatics updated managed by the LIBERO Team and the continual improvement of the reporting features were other features that the Isaacs Library team were looking forward to taking advantage of.


Isaac Regional Library Quick Facts

How may item do you have in your LMS approx. 55,000 items

How many items get borrowed each week?  approx 1500

What is your busiest day of the week? Varies – we have 8 Branches, and all have different “busy days”

What’s next at Isaac Library?  It is that time of the year when Santa is visiting the Library Christmas Parties sharing bubble blowers, icy poles and words of wisdom to good little girls and boys.