The latest upgrade to LIBERO brings you time savings, more control and security, plus much more.

Save time by scheduling New Title emails

New Title Notices are a good way to keep your members aware of new stock in their area of interest.

Email a list of new records, as they arrive, to all members that have set up favourite areas of interest, or a list of favourite authors or series.

This means you can schedule this process to run regularly and keep your members up to date with information that is of specific interest to them.

Control over how Floating Items appear In-transit

As floating items become more and more common, it becomes more important to make sure your database can keep track of them.

Set your database up for optimal use when activating floating collections with the upgrade to LIBERO v6.3.21. Clear in-transit details in bulk for floating items or clear them individually with the new built-in option on the item pages.

More Security

Google has highlighted the importance of Internet security by flagging all websites without “https://” as “not secure”. This makes it more important than ever that your system, and your members’ personal details, are secure.

That’s why all parts of LIBERO are SSL certified, meaning it will use https:// safe and secure.

These are some of the improvements made in this release if you would like more information, or to see the full list of upgrades, read the release notes. Hosted sights have received these updates automatically.

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