The Port Macquarie Hastings Library is one brilliant library according to their members on Facebook. It’s not surprising that they feel that way when you have a look at all the services that they provide.

They have books, CDs, exercise equipment, ebooks and audio to borrow, as well as eight quiet study rooms, a family history room and great outdoor areas for adults and children. Plus, 3D printers and a seed library where members can take seeds to grow and return seeds when they have produced a crop.

Maybe that seems pretty run of the mill, but they also have an “Imaginarium” where library members can record a song or make a video with the recording equipment, studio lights, greenscreen and software.

In December, they also added, “The Portal” where members can experience high definition virtual and augmented reality. Using the Oculus Rift VR or a mixed reality headset, users can explore other worlds, swim with sharks, climb mountains, or even walk in space. The Portal is free to use for library members, but bookings are required.

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