, Mid North Coast Co-operative Wins Libero Design Award 2023, highlighting the Power of the Vendor/Customer Partnership.

The Knosys Libero Design Award 2023 was this year awarded to the Mid North Coast Co-operative for their collaborative work with the Knosys Libero team in designing their new website.

Enhancing the Member Experience

We asked Gabby McDonald, Librarian at Mid North Coast Co-operative to share how the award-winning web design for their library had improved the member experience. “Mid North Coast Co-operative worked with the Knosys Libero team when designing their new website to integrate the WEBOPAC into their site header”

‘The redesign was great for members; they can easily search and
login to their member record for a better library experience.’

 Gabby McDonald, Mid-North Coast Co-operative

In addition:

  • Mid North also implemented a similar design when members are on the WebOPAC, incorporating website links.
  • Embedded a carousel for new items at the bottom of our main library page.

Gabby said “By doing this, the library has created a very bright and attractive access point to their collections. They have maximised login points by adding them to every page and delivered seamless integration of WEBOPAC”.

, Mid North Coast Co-operative Wins Libero Design Award 2023, highlighting the Power of the Vendor/Customer Partnership.

“As a result of the improvements users had better access to materials thatthey may not have considered borrowing – i.e., showcasing new items added to the collection effectively emulates in-library browsing but in digital form”. “Borrowers can effortlessly transition between the website and the WebOPAC while enjoying a consistent interface and functionality”.

‘The easy navigation and consistent interface enabled users to better address their own needs without direct assistance from staff. This reduces the volume of basic inquiries and routine tasks that staff members have to handle, freeing up their time for other responsibilities’.

 Gabby McDonald, Mid North Coast Co-operative

Enhancing Library Operations with Libero 6

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the library’s experience with the Libero library management system, we went on to ask Gabby about the software’s importance for successful operation, their transition to the cloud, and the most valuable features that have streamlined their operations and elevated the member experience.

As a long time, valued customer of Libero, how important is the system to the successful operations of your library and why?

‘Libero is the backbone of our library operations’.

 Gabby McDonald, Mid North Coast Co-operative

“Libero allows us to efficiently organise and maintain our vast array of resources. It speeds up routine tasks such as loaning & returning items. The WebOPAC also gives our borrowers an intuitive interface to search and access our resources, reserve items and manage their accounts”.

Libero provides an enhanced experience for both staff and borrowers alike. We are pleased with the positive impact the Libero has had on streamlining our day-to-day operations.

 Gabby McDonald, Mid North Coast Co-operative

How would you describe the transition to cloud with Libero 6?

‘From an IT position the transition to cloud was one of our best decisions. Updates which used to take time and weren’t always easy are now dealt with by Libero and when there are problems with an update Libero staff are quick to fix the issue or roll back the update.  Being cloud based also makes it easier with any issues as support staff can easily login to our system to see what the problem might be’.

What are some Libero features and functionality that are most valuable to your library and why?

  1. Automated notifications – having the system automatically send email/SMS notices for reserved or overdue items and also new title notifications.
  2. Online membership form – saves staff time in entering details into the system.

Experience with the Libero Support Team

“The support team have been very reliable – promptly addressing and resolving technical issues that come up. I also appreciate that when they might not know the answer straight away, they still let me know they are looking into it”.

About Mid-North Coast Co-operative

The Mid North Library Co-Operative serves as a vital resource hub for the communities in the Port Macquarie & Kempsey regions. It consists of 6 Branches and 2 mobile libraries offering a diverse range of services and resources, including an extensive collection of books, multimedia materials, and digital resources. They provide a welcoming space for residents of all ages to engage in reading, learning, and various educational programs. They are a long-time valued customer of Libero and have been a customer for over 20 years. They moved to Libero Cloud in 2018.

Website: https://mnclibrary.org.au/

Catalogue: https://catalogue.mnclibrary.org.au/libero/WebOpac.cls

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