LMS for Public Libraries

Innovation and services with an eye on the future.

Libero provides public libraries with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the community. A cloud-based library services platform supporting acquisitions, management and provision of print and digital resources.

Libero Is Your All-in-One Solution

Open Access Resources

Strengthen your links through integration! Libero bridges the gap between your members and your many materials by connecting electronic databases and other e-resources to your catalogue in one place.

WebOPAC Smart Search

Display search results in the standard display list or view search results in groups or bento boxes. Results are segmented in ways never seen before, prioritising the most common attributes and presenting titles in interactive carousels.

Ease of Use With Libero API's

Libero is open for connection! Upon request, Libero integrates with finance applications, fee management systems, event management systems and any other external systems you wish to use in your library.

Increase Your Footprint

Reach your members with Email and SMS marketing or send notifications via the Libero Omnio App. You can also connect Libero to an event management system to promote events in your library.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Generate powerful reports for meetings with the executive team. View graphical reports with real-time library data and share reports with staff. Advanced filtering allows you to create reports based on only the information you need.

Be Smarter With Libero Apps

Libero has you covered with two apps: one for staff and one for your library customers. Libero GO, the app for staff, puts the functionality of Libero in the palm of your hand! And Libero Omnio Mobile App, the app for library customers, simplifies browsing the online catalogue, even on the go.

Find out more about what Libero can do for your public library today.

LIBERO Library Community

Your Public Library LMS for your Community

Build Stronger Communities

By choosing Libero for your library, you can concentrate on the fundamental tasks of serving the unique needs of your community and your members.

We offer:

  • automated back-office activities,
  • functionality for targeted customer engagement,
  • access to innovative technology and
  • connection for remote communities.

Libraries are community hubs, the mind and soul behind culture, and a place to learn and socialise.

Making staff and MEMBER life a little easier

Tailored LMS for Public Libraries

Staff will love the flexible workflow, the council will value the cost savings and usage statistics, and your community will love the user experience.

Highlight Your Local History Collection

Make information accessible and easily create a local history archive to make your valuable collections stand out.

Discovery Search With Libero Omnio

An Open Access content solution with easy access to all print and digital collections within one place!

Immediate Upgrades and New Features

Immediate upgrades, a secure network and a lightning-fast system are all part of Libero's cloud hosting solution.

LMS for Public Libraries

LMS for Public Libraries - Libraries of the Future

Libero is actively supporting libraries in developing the library of the future. A library that not only continues to provide access to literature, culture, and a link to a community's history but also has the latest technology to ensure that access is available to all members of the community.

Libero continuously innovates and improves the system with an eye on the future, ensuring that libraries remain relevant and meet the needs of an ever-evolving society.

LMS for public sector libraries

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What Our Clients Say

As an Australian owned business with an international presence in Europe, Mauritius, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), we have empowered major projects, facilitated new information management services, helped overcome new challenges and responded to changing customer service expectations.

“I would recommend Libero to any library that is considering to replace their system and is looking for a more user-friendly, innovative and reliable solution where users have the opportunity to contribute to the product direction and software development.”
Cairns Regional Council
Cairns Regional Council Libraries
“We have been with Libero from the very start and have always been impressed with the quality of their customer service. We are now cloud-based, and downtime has been minimal, and Libero staff are always working on updates to make the systems run smoothly and efficiently.”
Port Macquarie Library
LIBERO Library Management System is a WALGA Preferred Supplier
LIBERO Library Management System is a Procurement Australia Authorised Supplier
LIBERO Library Management System is listed with Localbuy

Is Libero the right Library Management Solution for your Public Library?

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