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Library Management Database Services Pty Ltd (LMDS) has partnered with LIBERO, representing a new force in the Australian Library and Information Management Industry.

Based in Victoria, LMDS selected LIBERO Version 6, a fully-integrated, web-based library management solution to facilitate the organisation’s core operation – efficient cataloguing services for library suppliers and services nation-wide.

Selected by LMDS for its particular strength in cataloguing and functional flexibility, LIBERO facilitates the unique information management services of hundreds of libraries and organisations worldwide – including over 135 Australian public libraries, in addition to universities and a range of organisations.

“Over the years, I have come to know LIBERO as an industry-leader – a solution that continues to support developments in technology and library management services to benefit users,” said LMDS’ Founder and Managing Director, Lynne Makin

“I wanted a reliable solution that would offer cost and time efficiencies for my organisation, but I also wanted a seamless system that remains dynamic – and continues to meet the demands of the environment in which my business exists,” she said.

Makin selected LIBERO’s hosted solution – the system is deployed in a Brisbane-based data centre and all system maintenance and upgrade processes for LMDS are seamlessly managed by LIBERO’s Customer Support Team.

“I opted for a hosted service because I simply don’t have the staff, resources, nor time to manage an in-house system,” said Makin. “This way, I don’t have to concern myself with back-up processes, or budget for new hardware.”

“I also have peace of mind that my database is deployed on servers optimised to support availability to my clients and LIBERO as new versions and upgrades are released,” she said.

In an industry where the efficiency and accuracy of cataloguing resources is paramount, LMDS was formed in 2010 to provide libraries a means to outsource this time-consuming and complex process, and library suppliers a source of industry-standard records to facilitate trade.

“LMDS s committed to providing an industry-standard cataloguing record to suppliers and services at a cost effective price in order to increase the purchasing power of library services and budget available for resources,” said Makin.

Makin has over twenty years library management experience, including more than a decade at Upper Murray Regional Library where she selected and implemented LIBERO following a tender in 2000, and LIBERO has continued to support the10 static and two mobile branch-service for more than 11 years.

“My decision to purchase LIBERO was influenced by familiarity with the product but also because I have been able to observe its development over a long period – my business requires a solution that will not stagnate. I know that LIBERO is dynamic, functional and reliable – and users have considerable input into the direction that development takes,” said Makin.

“I have every confidence LIBERO will be an asset to my business,” she said.

For more information on LIBERO and what it can do to improve information management and services at your library or organisation, visit www.libero.com.

For more information on Library Management Database Services Pty Ltd (LMDS) visit www.lcmsolutions.net.au.

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