Library of things, Instead of buying new things why not borrow

Doing some DIY? …did you know the average drill is only used for 10 minutes in its lifetime. Instead of buying new tools or gadgets why not borrow from the library of things. Many libraries are now loaning non-traditional items helping people save money and reduce waste.  

It’s not just power tools, items like cake tins, carpet cleaners, camping equipment, sound systems, toys and sewing machines are in demand 

Why borrow rather than buy? 

  • Borrowing things cuts down on clutter, is more affordable, brings people together and is kinder to our planet. 
  • Borrowing items you don’t use often reduces the number of things that are produced and end up in landfill as waste. 

How borrowing works  

  • All you need is your library card 
  • Browse the library of things online or ‘in house’ and make a reservation to borrow. 
  • Collect your thing. Use it. Then return it when you’re done. 
  • See how much waste you’ve saved from landfill by borrowing instead of buying. 

We empower libraries to make a difference in their communities 

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