Library industry gather to discuss future trends in libraries


The LIBERO Team joined hundreds of other library industry colleagues at the bi-annual VALA event recently to discuss the future of libraries.

Topics such as the discoverability of collections, the place of Artificial Intelligence, and Data Privacy were discussed to a packed full event that included all types of libraries; from public, to historical, to students.

“The exhibition space was great as well,” said LIBERO’s Business Development Manager, Chris Thewlis.

“Along with LIBERO, there were lots of new, innovative technology being showcased that I’m sure will be hugely beneficial to the future of all libraries, whatever the collections may hold.”

VALA originally began as an event for IT Practitioners, however, VALA quickly recognised that libraries of all collections including public, galleries, archives and museums have common interests.

Now VALA creates this “coming together” every two years to help libraries of all types to share their influences and best practices to benefit all.

You can follow VALA on Facebook to access all of the keynote speaker information from this year and wait for future announcements for 2022.