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LIBERO’s recent establishment of LIBERO IS GmbH enabled the company to build a hosting and fully managed service infrastructure for libraries in the EU. The LIBERO team has worked intensively on this project and is pleased to announce that the development of the LIBERO Cloud infrastructure, which is centred in Germany, has been completed.

Many of you are probably wondering what exactly the advantages of a hosting and fully managed service infrastructure in the EU are. We spoke to our LIBERO IT and Cloud specialists to bring you the answers.

Why did LIBERO setup a hosting infrastructure in the EU?

Today, libraries are subject to a wide range of IT compliance requirements, including information security, availability and storage. As the LIBERO Library Management System collects and holds personal information of end-users, we have made a number of changes for GDPR compliance. By setting up a hosted and fully managed service infrastructure in Germany, we can ensure that the LIBERO solution is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and other laws governing the processing of data.

Data storage on German servers is more secure than in most other countries of the world, so it was a logical step for us to set up a relevant infrastructure in Germany. This provides our European libraries with the assurance that their data and their customers’ data is securely stored in Germany.

Where is the data stored in the EU?

The data of our European libraries is stored with AWS Germany in Frankfurt am Main. All data is also backed up in a second city in Germany, which is not the main hosting centre. AWS Germany is fully compliant with all applicable EU Data Protection laws. It is the most secure, extensive, and reliable hosting platform.

What benefits come with a hosted and fully managed service infrastructure in the EU?

A hosted and fully managed service infrastructure in the EU provides a local environment that is faster and more efficient for EU libraries.

LIBERO Cloud offers a vast array of benefits and product functionalities that far exceeds a standard on-premises configuration.

  • Automatic data backup stored in two locations in Germany
  • Security Best Practice
  • No software management
  • No hidden server and maintenance costs
  • An on-demand self-service live test area
  • Effortless reporting with over 200 community reports
  • Direct WebOPAC text editing from within the system
  • Worry-free email deliverability within AWS Germany Hosting
  • Full-Text Search on imported documents
  • Relevance search means Google-like searching of your catalogue

LIBERO’s technical team will perform all system installation and ongoing upgrades and maintenance tasks to optimise system performance, data security and ensure service availability. We deliver one of the highest network availabilities with 99.9% uptime during business hours.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about LIBERO Cloud, please visit our LIBERO Cloud webpage or send us an email to

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