, LIBERO User Group 2016 Recap

The 30th National User Group Meeting for LIBERO Libraries was held on the 26th – 28th October 2016.
The annual two-day forum provided LIBERO customers the opportunity to connect with fellow users from libraries and organisations across the country and discuss future functionality with LIBERO Developers and Customer Services Staff.

This year’s Programme kicked off with an address by Managing Director Sam Patane and a review of his travels, visiting libraries right across Australia. As well as his visits, internationally. Sam focused heavily on the company direction including the addition of new key staff members to the executive team at Insight Informatics. The highlight though, was the launch of the groundbreaking new function boasting Google style searching for LIBERO Libraries, “Relevance Search”.

There were exceptional presentations by some of our LIBERO sites beginning with Olga Avramenko from Woollahra Library with “A Library of the Future today”. Olga shared with us the exciting new features at the Woollahra Library since their big move to the new state of the art facility, with some breath-taking images of their plant filled, technologically advanced “Library of the future”.

Wendy Quihampton from Moreland Library gave us an engaging presentation of the many benefits they have experienced since going hosted with the LIBERO Cloud. Wendy also gave us an entertaining and quite amusing background on the Libraries she oversees.

Liz Murphy from The Australian Institute of Sport gave another captivating dialog on the unique use of LIBERO at AIS, titled “Cataloguing the Heritage and Cultural Collection”.

There was an interesting and informative presentation by Carolyn Law on how to provide access to your catalogue via Facebook. A segment titled Beyond books. Are you managing your MP3’s, photos, YouTube uploads?
Carolyn also demonstrated the LIBERO “Can’t wait?” function which enables your customers to purchase books from a bookseller of your choosing right from within your WebOPAC.

Selena Johns and Daniel Mulley from LIBERO gave an enlightening presentation on modifying the WebOPAC. Daniel provided an in depth run through on everything ranging from changing logos, creating new skins, modifying style sheets, testing to updating GMD images. Selena introduced the new online member registration form.

Day 1 of the user group ended with a panel discussion regarding Amalgamating libraries. It was an open and insightful discussion on what LIBERO users have experienced so far and the direction for the future.
Thursday night the User Group dinner was an absolute blast, with fantastic food and networking opportunity as well as some important awards being presented by Insight Informatics to celebrate 30 years of LIBERO.


The list of the awards presented on the night:

Recognition Award – MidNorth Coast Co-op

In Recognition, of 30 Years with LIBERO and being LIBERO’s first customer.

Appreciation Award – Riverina Regional Library

With Deepest Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions To LIBERO

Including some tongue in cheek awards:

TGIF Award presented to Roseanne Hogan for being the most likely to call at 5 to 5 on a Friday.

Energizer Bunny Award presented to Roniet Meyerthal for never slowing down and always applying energy, humour and enthusiasm in all you do.
Sexiest Legs Award presented to Peter Fleming for his undying love of wearing shorts

On Day 2 after the Annual General Meeting and the Ordinary meeting was the presentation “Shaping the Future” presented by Sam Patane discussing the future roadmap as well as user group development requests.
The Annual User Group was wrapped up with a presentation by the new LIBERO Marketing & Communications Manager Charmaine Davison. Charmaine launched the new LIBERO Brand Identity and exciting new LIBERO Website.
The final part of Charmaine’s address was an open discussion with the User Group on marketing tips and tricks as well as an exchange of ideas and programs being implemented by LIBERO Libraries across Australia. Charmaine also impressed upon the group the importance of sharing knowledge within our LIBERO community and encouraged all to contact her by any means about any exciting or interesting programs or marketing initiatives no matter how small so she could lend a hand with promotion, promote them on the LIBERO website or even offer her expertise.

Overall the 2016 User Group Meeting was a unequivocal success and all involved headed home with a colossal amount of LIBERO knowledge and a skip in their step for having just spent a sensational few days with industry experts and just all round great people!

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