Mobile device, WebOPAC, and subscription enhancements as part of your latest LIBERO update.

LIBERO recently announced the release of Version 6.3.16 with huge functionality improvements across the library software platform.

Mobile Device focus

Libraries are using tablets more for their everyday duties. As a result, the development team has made LIBERO more compatible for mobile devices. Tasks that required a double mouse click, selection of lists, and dropdown menus have all been streamlined to improve efficiency.

Having access to a mobile LIBERO dashboard on the go, provides an improved roaming service to your library user.

A more efficient way to amend WebOPAC content

Those taking advantage of LIBERO Cloud are now able to edit their WebOPAC user-defined documents such as the Sign-Up Agreement or Opening Hours directly from the LIBERO Configuration Dashboard!

In the new improved Documents tab, simply select a file name from the tab dropdown, edit content, and save. Edits will appear immediately, making it easier for you to make quick content changes or amendments to WebOPAC pages.

More flexible Subscriptions

Development has been completed to allow Serial Subscriptions to be created and maintained without the previous mandatory requirement to link an Order.

Special return dates for Loans

Development has been done to enable a Special Return Date to be set for an entire Loans session, significantly speeding up the process for staff.

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