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Are you new to LIBERO TV? Read on to find out more about what LIBERO TV can offer you.


LIBERO TV provides customers with live-streamed online tutorials to enhance the user experience for all those who use our system worldwide.

Tailored to different library departments such as Cataloguing, IT and Librarians, the tutorials focus on recently implemented features, frequent customer enquiries and best practise in using LIBERO.

Our live stream allows viewers to interact directly with the LIBERO Support Team through interactive chats and comment areas.

Once streamed, the tutorials will be available on the LIBERO Exchange Help Centre.



Below we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions about LIBERO TV.

What do I have to do to watch LIBERO TV?

LIBERO TV is our exclusive and complimentary service for our customers, and it is broadcast via LIBERO’s YouTube Channel.

Joining LIBERO TV is easy, the only thing you need to watch LIBERO TV is access to our LIBERO Exchange Help Centre*.

Step-by-step instructions

> Log into the LIBERO Exchange Help Centre*
> Click on “Knowledge Base”. This opens a page which includes a section called “LIBERO TV & eTutorials”.
> Click on “LIBERO TV & eTutorials”.
> Here you will find all previous LIBERO TV episodes, with the latest one at the top.
> Our Support Team will publish the link to the next LIBERO TV episode two weeks in advance.
> Please remember to follow the “LIBERO TV & eTutorials” page so that you never miss another episode. You will be notified by email when we go live.

*If you are a LIBERO user but do not have access to the LIBERO Exchange Help Centre yet, please contact support@libero.com.au.

What time is LIBERO TV on?

Every first Thursday of the month:

> 1pm WA
> 4pm QLD
> 4pm NSW

What is required to enter the interactive chat on LIBERO TV?

If you are interested in joining the interactive chat, please sign in to your YouTube account and start chatting with us.

In which language is LIBERO TV broadcast?

LIBERO TV is broadcast in English, but German-speaking personnel is available to answer your questions during the live chat.

Where can I find previous LIBERO TV episodes?

All previous LIBERO TV episodes can be found here.

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