Libero TV

Libero TV

Watch, learn, interact.

Best practise in using LIBERO

Live-Streamed Online Tutorials

Libero TV provides customers with live-streamed online tutorials to enhance the user experience for all those who use our system worldwide.

Tailored to different library departments such as Cataloguing, IT and Librarians, the tutorials focus on recently implemented features, frequent customer enquiries and best practise in using Libero.

Exclusive and Complimentary

Customers can tune in to Libero's free monthly live streams to interact with Libero staff, find out information on the latest features, best practice, and hear from special guests.

Interact With the Libero Team

Our live stream allows viewers to interact directly with the Libero Team through interactive chats and comment areas.

Customers can access Libero TV through our Libero Exchange Portal