LIBERO to launch LIBERO TV as an extra support network and improve customer experience.

LIBERO TV will provide customers with regular, live streamed videos online from early next year with the aim to improving our customers’ user experience for all our global users.

A live stream allows the viewer to interact directly with LIBERO Teams through interactive chats and comment areas.

Once streamed, the videos will be available on all LIBERO’s marketing and customer support channels such as: social media and customer exchange so they can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Tailored to different library departments such as cataloguing, IT, and librarians, videos will be based on recently launched features, regular customer enquiries, and best practice use of LIBERO.

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Why are we telling you now?

We want to know your thoughts on LIBERO TV: what would you like to see covered on LIBERO TV?

We want to ensure that each month we supply the best possible video to support your everyday needs.

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