Say goodbye to reporting from scratch.

LIBERO is about to get a whole a lot better when it comes to reporting.

For our customers taking advantage of LIBERO Cloud (hosted based solution), in built community report templates will be available automatically, saving you heaps of time building and importing the report from scratch.

Use the templates to build reports for: circulation statistics, stock lists, database management, and so much more.  LIBERO will allow you to customise the report to collect information you want to see.

LIBERO will make it easy to access these reports. Access the 100+ report templates in just a few clicks in our Help Center via the User Reports section – just click ‘run’, and let LIBERO gather the information to build the report.

A function will be added for LIBERO Cloud libraries to share their report templates with LIBERO’s Support Team via Help Center > Crystal Reports section, which will be reviewed and automatically updated as well as new LIBERO report templates.

The reporting feature is currently in testing and will be an automatic update to those who are using LIBERO Cloud.

To take advantage of LIBERO Cloud, or find out more information on the new reporting feature, contact us at

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