Solution for Broken Hill

“The system is flexible, easy to use, and is full of options”

Broken Hill City Library in New South Wales, Australia, has gone Live with LIBERO Cloud following a conversion from AMLIB.

Library Coordinator, Tracy Fraser said AMLIB platform was “running to end of life” and LIBERO ticked all the boxes to spark new life into its library services.

“Broken Hill City Library was looking for more functionality, affordability, and a modern online WebOPAC,” said Tracy.

“The WebOPAC has been the biggest winner with members commenting that we have entered the 21st Century with online reservations, the ability to download e resources and the flexible searching options.

“The system is flexible and easy to use, we have a big learning curve and are excited as there are so many options to do what other libraries take for granted like SMS and email reminder notices for instance.”

Tracy is also impressed with LIBERO’s support through the conversion and what is on offer moving forward with the modern system.

“The conversion process was relatively easier, much easier than I expected.  All issues were identified early and the support in the process was great,” Tracy continued.

“Since going live the support has not waned, it is still available through online email support and the responses are timely and very professional.

“Not only does LIBERO provide [support] through its LIBERO Cloud solution, but an excellent support network through the User Group and their online community engaging Support Exchange.

“I have found the help screens of use as well, as I work my way through the various functionality of the system.”

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