LIBERO Omnio e-resources

Library management systems today should no longer exist in isolation. Instead, they need to integrate with a choice of other components, both within the library’s technical infrastructure and beyond.

Systems integration is a recurring topic in libraries. With increasing digitalisation and the ability to easily connect communities and give them the ability to access library material anytime and anywhere, integrating library management systems with third-party e-resources and databases is a necessity.

The future of libraries, therefore, lies in being open. In other words, offering access not only to their collections but also to external e-resources and databases.

Bearing this in mind, LIBERO’s new Open Access content catalogue, LIBERO Omnio, enables precisely this kind of integration. LIBERO Omnio takes your library customers to new places without them ever leaving LIBERO. Through integration with external e-content providers, library customers can search for e-resources, view availability, reserve and borrow in LIBERO Omnio.

LIBERO Omnio integrates with external e-resource or database platforms. Our most popular integrations, however, are Overdrive, Wheelers and BorrowBox.

LIBERO libraries will receive the most popular integrations bundled with LIBERO Omnio at no additional investment and only have to cover a minimal annual maintenance fee, ensuring that connections always remain functional.

However, LIBERO customers do not need to make any additional investment to upgrade to LIBERO Omnio and benefit from a new Member Services Area and unprecedented Smart Search. These upgrades are part of LIBERO’s incremental upgrade strategy and available to LIBERO Cloud customers as they are released.

If you are interested in a preview of LIBERO Omnio or would like to receive further information, please get in touch with our product experts.

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