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Brisbane, Australia, August 12, 2021 – Insight Informatics is excited to announce the entry of its Libero system into the Australian Stock Exchange through the acquisition of the Libero business by the newly formed company “Libero Systems Pty. Ltd.” ACN 651 322 771, a wholly owned subsidiary of Knosys Limited (ASX:KNO) (Knosys).

Knosys is a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider based in Melbourne, with specialist expertise in helping businesses manage information and knowledge.

John Thompson, CEO, Knosys, said: “Our mission is to empower organisations to make smart connections with their information. We do this by creating innovative software solutions in the areas of knowledge management and intranets; delivering information that is easy to access, secure but more importantly delivered with relevance and clarity. Libero’s leading Library Management Software solution is highly complementary to our existing portfolio of SaaS products and services. We are excited to begin integrating Libero into the group and bring to market this new compelling service focused on the management, delivery, and accessibility of information assets in the Library sector.”

As Australian Cloud Software organisations, both with an international presence, Knosys and LIBERO share ideals in technology and vision. The amalgamation will bring many benefits to the product and the existing Libero customer base.

John Thompson, CEO, Knosys, said: “The Libero User Group will continue to grow, and the capacity of Libero’s Development and Operations teams will increase. Looking ahead, we will continue to offer superior functionalities and capabilities that provide exceptional value to all Libero customers and end-users.”

As well as Australia, Knosys has a presence in the United States, Singapore and the UK. This will complement the Libero library services platform, which has been deployed internationally throughout eight countries, with SaaS hosting offered from Australia and Germany.

Sam Patane, Managing Director, Insight Informatics, said: “The agreement will provide Libero with the management infrastructure and processes necessary to accelerate the development of emerging technologies. Particularly in the areas of machine learning, data analytics and discovery, this will play an important role in helping to drive growth in the library market. The Libero brand and business operations, including Libero support, will continue to operate for all practical purposes as is, there is no change, this represents business as usual for our customers.”

About Libero

Libero provides you with an all-in-one cloud-based solution for managing your library, your collections and your interactions with your users. Renowned and valued in public, academic, corporate and special libraries, Libero is a powerful library services platform that brings all your resources together in a single system.

For more than 35 years, we have successfully supported the changing needs of libraries. We have empowered many major library projects, facilitated new information management services, helped overcome new challenges with smart technological progress and responded to changing customer service expectations.

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About Knosys

Knosys is a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider based in Melbourne, with specialist expertise in helping businesses manage information and knowledge. We enable organisations to make sense of information and use it to connect, collaborate and drive strong business outcomes for customers, employees and stakeholders.  Our focus is on developing solutions that enable businesses to make the most of information and knowledge assets that sit within their organisation. This currently includes knowledge management systems and intranet systems.

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