Library management software in the cloud

Playing “host” can seem like a daunting process; organising, preparing, and sourcing the correct ingredients seems like a huge chore, right?

Not when it comes to hosting your library platform through LIBERO’s cloud based system.

LIBERO is a library management system that can store your resources in the cloud, and access them through a web browser.

Hosting, or external cloud storage based systems are becoming more and more popular with our customers.

In fact, around 90% of Australian enterprises are currently using cloud-based services.

So, what is the Cloud?

The cloud is a huge computer storage facility, like a hard drive or company server, that allows you to store your company’s digital files.

If you are being hosted in a company’s cloud, you are basically renting computer storage space from them, and with the help of the internet you can access your stored items anywhere in the world.

Like the current LIBERO system, cloud storage is based on the internet. Where in the past, your content would be saved on your own server, the LIBERO cloud stores your content on our servers, and there’s a number of reasons why so many people are doing it.

4 reasons why you should move your library to the cloud

1. You are always up to date

Here at LIBERO, we are always pushing our product to be the best it can be. That comes with software that needs to be regularly updated. But with LIBERO in the cloud, your updates are automatic.

2. You save money

As your resources grow, you may have to invest in large servers and other hardware. Cloud storage eliminates cost and allows you to pay as you go in a subscription-based model that’s easy to forecast.

3. Security

Theft or damage to your resources could result in your assets disappearing. Because your data would be stored in the cloud, you can access it via the good old internet no matter what happens.

4. Environmentally friendly

After all that good, you deserve a moment of gratitude from the environment. Fewer servers, and less energy is of course friendly to the environment, and we all know that’s a great idea!

Want to move to the cloud?

Let LIBERO be the host, speak to one of our experts today and move your library into the 21st Century.

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