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The problem…

For those who have trouble spelling or remembering something as simple as a book title, there’s no need to fear, LIBERO is here.

The launch of Relevance Search has sparked excitement in libraries across the world, with its “Google-like” algorithm based technology. No longer does a misspelt word or autocorrect get in the way of what you want to find in your library.

Before Relevance Search, management systems would have built in code to order search results based on exact information within titles, publications and authors – aka not what you want.

The solution

Relevance Search now sorts results by keywords, phrases or advanced commands finding you the most relevant information first.

You can misspell and not shout at the screen

For example – in the past, Coleen Mculough, Hairy Porter, and managemnet would result in a “Sorry, no results found” – now, it finds Colleen McCullough, Harry Potter, and Management information.

Actual numbers are recognised

If the item you need has a number within the title, this could cause some systems to crash and show no results.

Not anymore – searches such as 4WD, 100 ideas, percentages, or Child 44 will be found by your Relevance Search tool.

Stem searching makes it more intuitive

This means search words like fish and water are: “fished” or “watered” and will be included in your Relevance Search.

It still allows you to search for the specifics

If you know what you are looking for, you can still search specific tags such as: creator, subject, title, and notes. For example, “title:Alice-Miranda” or “creator:rowling”.

It’s been automatically added, if you’re using LIBERO Cloud

Relevance Search has been added as an immediate upgrade to LIBERO Cloud users. If you would like more information on upgrading to LIBERO Cloud, contact the Sales Team.

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